Dr Ganga Srinivasan

  • Dr Ganga Srinivasan

    Designation:  Professor in Pharmaceutics

  • Educational Qualifications
     Ph.D (Pharmaceutics), 
    M. Pharm (Pharmaceutical)
    B. Pharm

    Academic Affiliations
    •  Currently working as Professor in Pharmaceutics
    •  Worked as a scientist at National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi, as a Lecturer at UIPS, Punjab University, Chandigarh, Assistant Prof at Bharti Vidyapeeth, Navi Mumbai, Professor at SVKM’s NMIMS Mumbai. 

    Professional Affiliations
    •  Registered Pharmacist, Pharmacy Council of India
    •  Life member, Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India
    •  Life Member IPA 
    •  Life member IPGA 
    •  Past General Secretary Controlled Release Society Indian Chapter 
    •  Referee for Ph. D. thesis at JNU New Delhi, UIPS Punjab University, ICT Mumbai, Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla Universisty Raipur.

  • Teaching
    •  Novel Drug Delivery Systems
    •  Pharmaceutics subjects Final Year B.Pharm
    •  Preformulation
    •  Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
    •  Advanced Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
    •  Modern Pharmaceutics
    •  Molecular Pharmaceutics
    •  Drug Delivery Systems
    •  Product Development and Technology Transfer

  • Research
    Area Of Research
    Broad area of Specialization is Formulation Development of Conventional and Novel Drug Delivery systems with respect to
    •  Oral CR/SR
    •  Parenteral including Implants using biodegradable polymers
    •  Mucoadhesive
    •  Transdermal including iontophoresis
    •  Paediatric Drug Delivery systems
    •  Ocular Drug Delivery
    •  Protein and Peptide
    •  Herbal Cosmetics

  • Publications

    Publications: 38 (National & International Journals)
    Presentations : 49 (At National, International Conferences, Including Invited Lectures)
    Books/Book Chapter: 4

    Sample Publications

    1.  “Kaizen And Lean Implementation In Pharmaceutical Industries: A Review”. Ganga Srinivasan and Shah. Nirali. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research, Vol. 11, no. 7, July 2018, pp. 57-63, doi:10.22159/ajpcr.2018.v11i7.24722.

    2.  Advancement in Dry Powder Inhaler” Advait Shetty and Ganga Srinivasan. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research Vol10 (2) 2017 pp8-12

    3.  “Antisense oligonucleotides as therapeutics and their delivery” Bhagyashree Gurav and Ganga Srinivasan. Current Science Vol112 (3) Feb 2017 pp1-9

    4.  “Advanced Trends in Treatment of Wounds”. Oshin Miranda and Ganga Srinivasan.
            Current Science Vol. 111(4) 2016 pp.641-647

    5.  “Biodegradable Polymer Scaffold for Tissue Engineering”  Hetal Patel Minal Bonde and Ganga Srinivasan. Trends in Biomaterials and Artificial Organs, Vol 25, No 1 (2011).

    6. Needle-free, non-adjuvanted skin immunization by electroporation-enhanced transdermal delivery of Diphtheria toxoid and a candidate peptide vaccine against hepatitis B virus” by Amit Misra, S.Ganga and Pramod Upadhyay. Vaccine, 18: 2000, pp- 517-523.

    7.  The HSD-hCG vaccine prevents pregnancy in women , feasibility study of a contraceptive vaccine. G.P.Talwar, Om Singh, S.K.Gupta, S.E.Hasnain, R.Pal, S.S.Majumdar, S.Vrati, A.Mukhopadhaya, U.Deshmukh, S.Ganga, A.Mondokhot, A.Gupta. Am. J. Rep. Immunol, 37:1997, pp 153-160

    8.  Effect of Azone on the Iontophoretic Transdermal Delivery of Metoprolol Tartrate through   Human   Epidermis   In Vitro.   S.Ganga,   P.Ramarao   and   J.Singh.   J.
    Controlled. Rel. 42, 1996, pp 57-64.

    9.  “Eudragit EPO: A slow dissolving carrier for Sustained Release of Periodontal Implants” presented at 2016 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition held at Colorado Convention Center, Denver USA. Subhashis Chakraborty, Firouz Asgarzadeh,Jigyasa Jain and Ganga Srinivasan

    10.   "Recent Trends in Drug Delivery System” at Vergo Bosch Symposium, at Goa  held on 12th and 13th March 2015.(Invited Talk)

    11. Controlled Delivery of Vaccines  Using  Biodegradable  Microparticles, by S.Ganga, M.Diwan,Rajeev S.Raghuvanshi, Amit Misra and G.P.Talwar in the book Controlled and Novel Drug Delivery, edited by N.K.Jain, CBS Publishers , New Delhi, India (1997) pp.147-164.

    12. Bioadhesive Drug Delivery System For a Cardiovascular Drug: An approach using Progressive Hydration Technology, Edited by Ganga Srinivasan, RS Gaud and Amit Gupta, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing,Germany (July 20, 2012).

    13. Drug Eluting Stents (DES’s):Development and Recent Advances by Sita VG, Bhatti Gurjit Kaur, Singh Bhupinder, Jain Atul,and Srinivasan Ganga (corresponding author) in the book NanoBioMedicine Series Volume 1 (Nanomedicine); Editors: Prof Jagat R Kanwar, Deakin University, Australia; Prof O P Katare, Panjab University, India and Bhupinder Singh Bhoop,M/s Studium Press LLC, Chicago, USA. (2015)pp 337-374
  • W3.CSS
    Title of Grants Fetched: Academic Year Funding Agency Amount Sanctioned
    Minor Research Grant from University of Mumbai in Project titled ‘Formulation Development of Oral Lipid Based Drug Delivery’, (2012) 2012 University of Mumbai Rs 16,000/-
    Minor Research Grant from University of Mumbai in Project titled ‘Formulation Development of Drug Delivery Systems for anti tubercular Drugs using suitable polymers” (2012) 2016 University of Mumbai Rs 35,000/-
    Minor Research Grant from University of Mumbai in Project titled ‘“Formulation Development of Doxycycline In-Situ Gel for Periodontitis”) 2019 University of Mumbai Rs 30,000/-
    Title of Industrial Projects: Academic Year Industry Amount Sanctioned
    In-Vitro Evaluation of Modified Release Dosage Form 2013 Evonik Industries Rs 25,000/-
    Industry Academia Collaboration 2017 Gansons Private Ltd Rs 1,33859/-
    Studies on coating material (Co-Investigator) 2013 SEPPIC Rs 2.5 Lakhs
  • 1. Past Secretary and EC Member of Controlled Release Society, Inc., USA India Chapter (Secretary 2011-2017April, EC Member 2017-19)
    2. Member of  Indian  Drugs  Editorial  Advisory  Board  &  Reviewers  of      IDMA
    3. Publications from 2016.
    4. Member of Editorial Board in Nanobiomedicine book published by Studium Press LLC, USA
    5. Reviewer of Following Journals

    • Journal of Microencapsulation (Francis and Taylor)
    • 3 Current Drug Delivery (Bentham)
    • International Journal of Biological Macromolecules (Elsevier)
    • Journal of Applied Research in Natural Products. (Cnrgi LLC USA) 6. Industrial Crops and products (Elsevier)
    • RSC Advances ( Royal Society of Chemistry)
    • 8 DDTR (Elsevier)

    6.  Research consultancy award for the year 2009-2010 at SVKM’s NMIMS University