Mrs. Sonali Munj

  •   Mrs. Sonali Munj

    Designation:  Assistant Professor

  • Educational Qualifications
    M. Pharm (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
    B. Pharm

    Academic Affiliations
    •  Currently working as Assistant Professor
    •  Worked as Lecturer at NCRD’s Sterling College of Pharmacy

    Professional Affiliations
    Pharmacy Council of India
  • Teaching
    •  Organic Chemistry
    •  Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry
    •  Advanced Organic Chemistry

  • Research
    Area Of Research
    •  Synthesis and Characterization
    •   Anti-Cancer
    •   Antialzeimer
    •   Breast Cancer Resistant Protein (BCRP)
    •    BACE 

  • 4

  • Projects

    Title of Grants Fetched: Academic Year Funding Agency Amount Sanctioned
    To synthesize, purify, characterize and evaluate metal chalcone complexes for antifungal, antibacterial and anticancer activities 2013-14 University of Mumbai Rs.20,000/-
    To Synthesize, purify, characterize and evaluate dihydopyrimidine analogs for antifungal, antibacterial and calcium channel blocker activities. 2016-17 University of Mumbai Rs.25, 000/-
    To design, synthesize, characterize and evaluate 2 ,5 disubstituted derivatives of 1,3,4 oxadiazole for its potential antimicrobial activities 2019-20 University of Mumbai Rs.40, 000/-
    Title of Industrial Projects: Academic Year Industry Amount Sanctioned
  • •   Awarded as Best Teacher (Runner Up) at institute level for A.Y 2020-2021
    •   Awarded as Best Teacher (Runner Up) at institute level for A.Y 2018-2019
    •   Awarded as Best Teacher at institute level for A.Y. 2017-2018
    •   Awarded as Best Teacher (Runner Up) at institute level for A.Y 2016-2017