Dr. Reshma Tendulkar


     Dr (Mrs.) Vaishali Jadhav

    DesignationAssistant Professor in Pharmaceutics 

  • Educational Qualifications

    Ph.D (Pharmaceutics)
    M. Pharm (QA)
    B. Pharm

    Academic Affiliations

    Currently working as Assistant Professor at VES College of Pharmacy, Mumbai.

    ·  Worked as Assistant Professor (in Pharmaceutics) for B.Pharm in KGRDCP & RI, Karjat, Bombay College of Pharmacy, SSDJ College of Pharmacy, Nasik and MET Bhujbal Knowledge city, Nasik.

    ·  Worked as Publication Writer- Scientific Writing and Communications with SIRO Clinpharm, Thane.

    ·  Worked as R & D Officer in Research and Development in Formulation Department in Bluecross Lab Ltd, Ambad, Nasik.


    Professional Affiliations
    Registered Pharmacist in State of Maharashtra

    Life Member of Indian Pharmaceutical Association

    Life member of Association of Pharmacy Teachers of India

    Life member of Society of Ethanopharmacology

  • Teaching

    • Pharmaceutics 
    • Pharmaceutical Engineering
    • Physical Pharmaceutics
    • Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
    • Pharmaceutical Excipients
    • Drug Delivery Systems
    • Novel Drug delivery System
  • Research
    Area Of Research

    • Solid Lipid nanoparticles
    • Nanosuspensions
    • Nanoemulsions,
    • Nanogels,
    • Granulation techniques and equipments
    • Herbal drug development

  • Publications

    1.      C. Kulkarni,A. L. Kelly,T. Gough,V. Jadhav,K. K. Singh, A. Paradkar. Application of hot melt extrusion for improving bioavailability of artemisinin a thermolabile drug. International Journal of Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy.2018:206-214.

    2.      Acknowledged for writing support by: Sano S, Kubo H, Morishima H, Goto R, Zheng R, Nakagawa H.Guselkumab, a human interleukin-23 monoclonal antibody in Japanese patients with generalized pustular psoriasis and erythrodermic psoriasis: Efficacy and safety analyses of a 52-week, phase 3, multicenter, open-label study. J Dermatol. 2018;45:529-539.

    3.      V.Y.Jadhav,  K.K.Singh.Development and Validation of HPLC-UV method for quantification of artemether in plasma.Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry;SP6:75-76, Dec-18.

    4.      Vaishali Y Jadhav, Pranali R Gawli ,Gandhali A Deshpande , Poonam S Patil. Cerebral malaria: Neuropathogenesis and Innovative therapeutic  approaches. Journal of Advanced scientific research; 2020; 11 (4) suppl 8: 000-000

    5.      Pranali R Gawli, Sanika S Sarpotdar, Sainath M Nair, Vaishali Y Jadhav. A review on recent advances on ethno-medical plant: AverrhoaBilimbi.Journal of Advanced scientific research

    6.      PoonamPatil, VaishaliJadhav, RasikaRane, AmrutaShelar, Sainath Nair, AniruddhaGurchal and SujayKanitkar. Study on Preparation and Optimization of Fast Dissolving HPMC/PVA Blended films of Loperamide Hydrochloride Published as book chapter in “Technological Innovation in Pharmaceutical Research”

    7.      VaishaliJadhav, Dr. Mohan Kale, Ms.Riya Kamble, Ms.Rutuja Jawalkar, Mr.Dipesh Gamare. Ayurvedic Remedies for Vaginal Candidiasis published as book chapter in “Ayurvedic remedies for anti-infective diseases”.

  • Projects

    1.      Names of granting authority and total grants received till date: Minor research projects of University of Mumbai (Rs.50, 000) in 2020-2021

    2.      Industrial Projects:

    a.       Year 2019-2020: One Ganson non-funded project

    b.      Year 2020-2021: Two Ganson non-funded  project

  • Awards and Honors

              1   First prize in poster presentation in South Asian chapter of American College of Clinical Pharmacology, fourth International Conference on “Innovations  in Translating Technologies through Clinical Pharmacology”, December  2010, Mumbai.

              2.    Second prize in oral presentation in Avishkar – 2012, interuniversity Research convention, 7th Maharashtra State Inter University Research Convention held at Ratnagiri- India on 7-9th January 2013.

              3.     Delivered seminar on topic “Weight loss through Keto diet” on 1st August, 2020 during E-summit 2020 on women empowerment organised by KGRDCP & RI Karjat.

              4.     Delivered talk on topic “National innovation and Start-up policy for higher education Institutions” on 16th March, 2021 during AICTE sponsored faculty development program on topic “Importance on innovations and Research culture to inculcate Start-up and entrepreneurship”organised by KGRDCP & RI Karjat.

              5.  Delivered talk on topic “Publication Ethicson 21st May, 2021  during AICTE sponsored faculty development program on topic “Innovation, Start-up and Entrepreneurship Development in Pharmaceutical sciences” organised by KGRDCP & RI Karjat


                    Handled all activities of MHRD IIC as Convener.